On 26th March 2011 a book release programme was organized by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts at the Press club of Kolkata

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Two poetry books, "Shadows of Clouds on the Hills" and "Reflective Poetry- The Distant Call and Dreams and Illusions" were released at the maidan tent of the Press Club.

The "Reflective Poetry- the Distant Call and Dreams and Illusions" is a reprint of the earlier version in new form.

The function was attended by several members of the press. On behalf of Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts and Orient book company that co-ordinates the publication activities of the Academy, Shri Arup Chandra, Shri Pratap Kumar Mondal, Shri Suhas Chandra Saha and Shri Utpal Chandra were present at the programme.

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Prabhat Khabar (27th March, 2011) Kolkata


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Sangbad Paribartan, Kolkata (12th April 2011)

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Anyadin, Kolkata (May, 2011)



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Dainik Jagaran (27th March2011)


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Samprotik Somoy,
Kolkata (April 2011)



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Global Mail, Kolkata (18th-24th April 2011)


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