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On 9th August 2011 "My views on Pahari Paintings" by Prabal Pramanik was released at a programme at Kolkata Press Club. The programme was organized by M/s Orient Book Company that coordinates the publication activities of Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts.
The book was released by Mr. Suhas Chandra Saha and was attended by Mr. Arup Chandra, Mr. Pratap Mondal, Mr. Utpal Chandra and members of press from several news papers and magazines.
This book on traditional miniature paintings of Himachal Pradesh viewed from different aesthetic angles interested the visitors. The website was released on this occasion at Kolkata press club.


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Book release programme on 7th September 2011 "My views on Pahari Paintings" was launched at Pathankot at Uphar lodge at a selected gathering of poetry lovers.
The book was launched by Mr. Rakesh Nudrat. A discussion on art was conducted on this occasion too.



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