Book release programme at Kolkata Pres Club on 25th November 2011

On 25th November 2011 "The Changing World, Analytical views in context of Social values" by Prabal Pramanik was launched at Kolkata Press Club.
The website was launched on this occasion too. A documentary movie made by the movie making wing of Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts on environmental pollution was screened too at this function.
The book on current social and environmental problems is an important and timely publication by M/s Orient Book Company, the concern that coordinates the publication activities of the Academy.
The book was launched by members of Orient Book Company, Shri Pratap Kumar Mondal, Shri Arup Chandra, Shri Utpal Chandra and Shri Suhas Chandra Saha.

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Madhyam (16 December 2011) Kolkata


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ISBN : 978-93-81200-04-9
Price : Rs. 150/-


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