On 18th December 2011 an exhibition of water colours was held
at Yogada Satsang Dhyana Kendra at Manawal near Pathankot.

The subject of the paintings was nature. The water colours, of Academic style drew a lot of positive attention from the viewers.
Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik gave live paper cutting art demonstrations to the visitors at the function. The show was attended by a large number of art lovers.
Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts would like to thank Shri Paramjoyti Arora, the convener of Yogoda Satsang Dhyana Kendra for the sincere co-operation on this occasion.

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Hindustan Times



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Punjabkasri (19th December 2011)


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Dainik bhaskar (19th December 2011)

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