The Festival of Holi Shivratri at Chalar in Dhar Tehsil in district Pathankot.

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Chalar is a village in a valley flanked by wooded hills. This village is about ten kilometers by road from Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts in Bhamlada.
This year in 2014 Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts conducted an exhibition of Devasthanakala paper cutting art featuring different aspects of Shiva at Chalar.
The programme in this rural area complemented the folk form of faith in simple and basic aspect. The villagers came to the temple to celebrate "Shiva Ratri" and attended the cultural programme held near the Temple of Shiva at Chalar. In the evening a shadow puppet show was held at the hall near the temple.

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The shadow puppet show started with the dance of Ganesha. The dance of Shiva was shown next. Folk songs were presented by villagers to provide musical accompaniment.



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