Comprehensive and coordinated cultural programme organized by Prabal Pramanik’s academy of Arts at Budge Budge, Kolkata

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On Sunday 30th March 2014 a comprehensive and coordinated "cultural evening" was organized at Budge Budge Public Library Hall by Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of Arts and M/s Orient Book Company.
The cultural programme featured an exhibition of art works by children of different age groups. Many of the participants came from different art schools.
In addition to the art exhibition, a musical programme was also arranged at the hall.
The children were pleased and excited to participate in the exposition and their parents and friends came to attend the show with the children.
Senior artist Shri Tulsi Das presided over the show. Shri Sankhyajit Jana, the convenor of the programme expressed his pleasure about this programme and appreciated the efforts put in by our team members.

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At this programme Sm. Manjula Choudhuri, Sm. Mausumi Bagchi, Shri Sanjeev Malakar, Sm. Suranjana Das, Sm. Piyali Mishra and Sm. Soumi Das presented songs from "Hridi Rasa Dhare" a book of lyrics by Prabal Pramanik. The instrumental accompaniment was presented by Shri Bikash Adhikari and Shri Subir Ghosh.
Sm. Manjula Choudhury and Sm. Mausumi Bagchi was specially honoured by the organizers.

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The children who participated in the exhibition were given participation certificates. The vocal musicians and the instrument players were given mementos on behalf of the Academy.

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