The programme of magazine and portfolio of art released
by the academy at Bachat Bhawan, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

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For a long time I was feeling the need a printed magazine. We already had one internet magazine "Art inspiration" that was becoming more and more popular with each issue on the net under our academy web site
The printed magazine has a different angle of media appeal and is easier for the local people to enjoy as many of them don't have internet connection.
This published magazine is titled "Bhamlada", after the little village where the head quarters of the Academy is situated.
The magazine is multilingual, so that local people as well as people from other places can enjoy the magazine. The magazine has a distinct grassroots character, as there are several articles in this magazine by several rural people from this area as well as articles by other people on the area where the academy has most of its activities.
Some articles are about the activities of the academy in rural area and elaborates our philosophy of work.
This informative magazine is profusely illustrated and has many of colour pages too.
The portfolio of art titled "Bhamlada" is a collection of reproduction of pastel work I made on the spot in and around the village Bhamlada.
The portfolio of creative reproductions contains eight art plates of different views from this area. These views are quite representative and depict the beauty of this place. The wooded hills and some of the mountain peaks visible from this place find pictorial presentations in this portfolio.
Two of the important temples of this region, Lunsu and Ambikeswar Dham are also portrayed here.
A village building of old style from this locality is also shown in one of the pictures. One picture is of a Jamun tree and the field behind my studio in Bhamlada. Another picture is of a little stream in this region. A friend of mine gave a sweet name to this stream, "Shivalika". This portfolio of art plates embodies the essence of the intimate relationship I have developed with this area.
The portfolio also contains a page of written matter about this relationship.

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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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Artist Prabal Pramanik


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